(Tradition since 1937)


Oil mill Pečarič is a family company with many years of tradition, experience and knowledge. It offers its customers the best quality cold pressed unrefined and unfiltered oils. Especially popular are the oils produced in an ecological manner, which represent the major part of the Pečarič oil mill offer. At Pečarič’s home, several generations have been involved in oil production. Grandfather Niko and his brothers Martin, Jože and Tone already produced oil before World War I. They pressed walnut oil which was then used for lighting. The walnut kernels were pressed in a wine press, since nothing more appropriate was available at that time. Many times, the walnut kernels were used for lighting, which were simply lighted up.


Today, the Pečarič oil mill owns an independent production with state-of-the-art technology. With it, we produce top quality oils from dry kernels. We produce 22 types of cold pressed oils, and our offer has been expanded over the years. Today, the offer is supplemented with seeds and kernels and also chocolates and pralines (chocolate truffles) with added oils.

Family members want to nurture and maintain the tradition, that accompanies the Pečarič homestead in Drašiči since 1937, for a long time in the future. In 1990, they planted 350 walnut trees and more than 300 hazelnuts for the subculture activity. From fruits, they produce cold pressed ecological and other oils. In the oil mill, they produce 22 types of cold pressed oils. The Pečarič oil mill has an independent production supported by the state-of-the-art technology with which they produce top quality oils dry from dry kernels. The whole family is involved in the walnut and hazelnut plantations from spring to autumn. They work together to clean the plantation, collect fruits, dry the kernels and also to produce and press oils.


All products are available to customers in the online store or in our oil mill or at the home address: Drašiči 33, SI-8330 Metlika, Slovenia. Products are sold in fitted packaging with elegant labels.