(Meet the family Pečarič, their daily lives, working in the orchard, Pečarič oil mill ...)

The Pečarič homestead is located near Soseska zidanica in the village centre a few meters away from the Church of St. Peter. From the road that brings you to Drašiči from Metlika, which is six kilometers away, turn into the courtyard where there is enough room for accepting a larger number of visitors. Inside the courtyard next to the new house, there is a 130-year old cottage with an outer wooden balcony. This is the homestead of grandfather and father Martin Pečarič, the director of the Pečarič oil mill.

The house was renovated in 2006. In the first phase, we renovated the interior rooms, then arranged the bathroom and sanitary facilities, provided heating and fitted rooms with suitable furniture. As demand for farm visits increased, we also newly equipped the kitchen, so that visitors who would like to spend more days with us can prepare their own dishes independently.

All guests are always offered a breakfast, which can be prepared on our farm as arranged. The house can accomodate up to 8 guests. In the nearby and somewhat more distant surroundings, our guests can visit the abundance of beautiful sights and cultural events that take place practically all year round. Guests can also be included in the daily rhythm of the Pečarič family and help with seasonal daily tasks that never run out on the farm.

Family Pečarič: Biserka Pečarič, Ana Pečarič, Danijel Pečarič, Marija Pečarič and Martin Pečarič.

After the elementary school, Biserka Pečarič enrolled in the hospitality school in Novo mesto. She finished school in 1980 and obtained vocational cook education. Today, she is diligently, devotedly and wholeheartedly engaged in the preparation of a wide variety of meals. Four years after finishing school, she was employed at the Elementary School Šmihel in Novo mesto. The cooking specialities created by Biserka’s fingers soon became known in places closer to her home, which was more than welcome, since the daily journey to Novo mesto and back home was time consuming and very strenuous.

The kindergarten in Metlika has become her new working environment in which Biserka, while preparing daily meals, delights and pampers toddlers with various pastries and biscuits, which are her special passion. Biserka is also familiar with the preparation of home-made bread, protected Bela Krajina cake or lamb which the Association of breeders of Bela krajina recommends to prepare with rosemary and onions as an addition. Roast lamb is becoming more and more recognisable first-class Bela krajina culinary delicacy served with excellent Bela Krajina wines produces in Drašiči sunny parts.

In the field of culinary arts, Biserka is a real treasure of the Pečarič house; in addition, she takes care of crops in the garden and field, she is irreplaceable when tasting oils (walnut, hazelnut, apricot, poppy, almond, sesame, linseed, grape seed oil) and cares that guests on our farm can enjoy her delicious home-made breakfasts.

Ana Pečarič finished the gardening school in Novo mesto. Since we are aware of the importance of beautifully arranged surroundings, floral room arrangements, windows decorated with flowers and pleasant colours that can only be conjured up by flowers, Ana’s work has special value. Even delicious dishes seem lonely and plain on the table if they are not a part of a neatly arranged room in which flowers play one of the main side roles.

Danijel Pečarič is a wood technician by profession. His main task will be to prevent the death and decay of wood. Under his hands, the wooden parts of the house will always shine and have a pleasant and fresh look. Wood is a natural material that needs a lot of care and love, otherwise it can quickly be eaten by worms. In his spare time, Danijel also takes the diatonic accordion from which he can bring out pleasant melodies. He likes Slovenian folk songs, because they are nice although a bit sad.

Marija Pečarič is a woman with experience and inexhaustible work habits. It is not difficult for her to help with guest service, product sales, kitchen tasks or cleaning rooms. In short, our mother Marija Pečarič is a caring, simple and friendly girl for everything.

The director of the Pečarič oil mill who is known to carry out his mission and represent the house tradition with pride, dignity and heartfelt love for his family, his guests and his ancestors, so that the tradition can live and be preserved for a long time. You are always welcome at the Pečarič homestead, which you will feel during your visit. Where does Martin Pečarič see himself today? Everywhere were a good organiser, relaxed narrator, explainer of the history of the village, family tradition, Bela Krajina customs and habits and a connoisseur of the rich history and natural beauties of Bela krajina is needed. “My task is to connect the work of family members to sound as a well-tuned orchestra aware that it plays primarily to make the visitors of our house feel well and to return to us in beautiful Drašiči.”